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What my clients say about our personal, career, and business life coaching

"Because of our life coaching I now have a great new job, a big increase in personal confidence and effectiveness, am clearer on where I want to be and what I want to do, have finished a poor relationship and much improved relationships within my family."
Elinor, Advertising Executive

“From our coaching I feel I am worth so much more. I now value myself every day and have a new exciting attitude to life. I know I can achieve anything I want. My diet, health, wellbeing, social, love and work life have all improved and I’m genuinely looking forward to my future.”
Jules, Social Worker

"Life coaching has made me realise that there is real potential for change in my life. I feel more focused on me than I ever have done before. Everything and anything seems achievable and I now get excited about the future."
Andrew, Hospital Manager

“As a result of coaching I’ve learnt to go forward and not get bogged down by ‘stuff’. I’ve also been able to look at areas in my life I was avoiding and see that when faced they aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they were.”
Lily, Accountant

“Our last coaching session was marvellous. It gave me a new pair of eyes and I’m now looking forward rather than back which is what I’ve always done before.”
Julie, Sales Executive

“Liz has helped me have the confidence to change career and have a more positive attitude to life than I have ever experienced before. She has taught me to believe in myself, and every area of my life has improved since she became my coach.”
Christine, PR Director

“Coaching has helped me look at myself with a massive amount of honesty. I’ve learnt that my assumptions often drive my ingrained behaviours and very often turn out to be wrong. I love the objectivity that Liz gives and I’ve grown so much in the last six months.”
Penny, Website Designer

"I now feel much more powerful in my own life. I've been able to achieve things with your help which I'm sure I would not have had success with otherwise. The net result has been an increase in my self confidence and a redefined and clear direction in my life."
Joanne, Mother

"Your coaching has improved my life, not just for now but for the long term. I feel more relaxed, confident and in control, and really positive about who I am. A million thanks for all your amazing advice and support."
Sharda, Business Owner

"Your life coaching helped me give up smoking in just three weeks. You made me realise how much I should value myself and crucially, you gave me the focus to think about what I was actually doing to myself. I now see myself as a non-smoker and have stopped counting the days since my last cigarette."
Ruth, Copywriter

"Since life coaching, I have felt more energetic and enthusiastic about life. It has given me a greater understanding of myself and how to view things positively, leading to much less stress and worry. Having someone listen and explain things in a clear way has enabled me to release the pressure I've put myself under and make more positive lifestyle choices."
Charlotte, Retired