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Books by Liz Wilde

Unlock Your PotentialUnlock Your Potential
Ryland, Peters & Small 2004
ISBN 1841725919 BUY

The next best thing to having your own life skills coach, this book asks you powerful questions that will make you look at your behaviour in a completely new way. Whether it’s relationship, self esteem or career coaching you need, the practical, down-to-earth advice in this book will help you discover exactly what will make you really happy
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Ageless Beauty
Ryland, Peters & Small 2006
ISBN 1845972678 BUY

To age beautifully we must first stop denying the fact of ageing and learn what we need to do to look and live younger - for longer. You may not be able to change your birthday, but you can change the rate your cells age. This book is not about growing old gracefully. It’s about growing old beautifully. None of us are getting any younger, but then why would we want to?.
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A Girl's Guide to DatingA Girl's Guide to Dating
Published by Ryland, Peters & Small 2005
ISBN 1841728608 BUY

Whether you've been single for a while or feel stuck in an unhappy relationship, this book will help you maximise your chances of meeting and dating someone new. It takes you through every stage of dating from first night nerves (and get-out strategies!) to the expectations that can ruin a relationship
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Home Spa: De StressHome Spa: De-Stress
Ryland, Peters & Small 2005
ISBN 1841728527 BUY

You may not be able to avoid stress completely, but you can learn to deal with it. This book is full of techniques to help you reduce the amount of stress in your life and cope better with what you can’t alter. It contains ways to soothe body and mind, plus tips for instant stress relief
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The Busy Woman’s Home Spa BookThe Busy Woman’s Home Spa Book
Ryland, Peters & Small 2005
ISBN 1841729736 BUY

Are you too busy to be beautiful? Everything in this book is designed to make you look and feel fabulous, whether you have an hour to spare or just five minutes. From stress-relieving beauty treatments and make-up routines, to chill-out techniques and mood-improving tricks
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Home Spa - Revive
Ryland, Peters & Small 2006
ISBN 1845971116 BUY

The pace of modern life can leave no time to recharge your batteries, but taking care of yourself is the best way to help your body fight disease. This book is full of tips and techniques to help you look and feel lighter and brighter. And knowing just how good spoiling yourself is for your health, you can enjoy each and every one of them totally guilt-free.
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Home Spa - Indulge
Ryland, Peters & Small 2006
ISBN 1845971094 BUY

Recent research has confirmed what women have always known, that personal pampering is actually good for you. This book is full of tips and techniques to help you indulge yourself every single day, even when you’re carrying out the most mundane tasks.
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Blissful Beauty
Ryland, Peters & Small 2007
ISBN 9781845974008 BUY

Looking and feeling good is not an accident. Your happiness and well-being are constantly under threat in today’s fast pace of life. This book is full of quick and easy techniques that will not only make you look and feel good, but can instantly dissolve a bad mood and enhance your quality of life.
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Other books by Liz Wilde :

Body book by Liz WildeBody
100 tips for a better body
ISBN 1840720301 Buy

Hair book by Liz Wilde Hair
100 styling secrets
ISBN 1840720271 Buy

Detox book by Liz WildeDetox

100 natural ways to cleanse and purify
ISBN 1840720344 Buy

100 make-up moves
ISBN 1840720298 Buy

Nourish book by Liz WildeNourish
100 natural ways to feed your body
ISBN 1840720360 Buy

Hands and feet book by Liz WildeHands & Feet
100 pampering tricks
ISBN 184072028X Buy

Energise book by Liz WildeEnergise
100 natural ways to recharge
ISBN 1840720336 Buy

Destress book by Liz WildeDestress
100 natural mood improvers
ISBN 1840720328 Buy